This document summarizes the most important information about the Tapkey App and  shows you how to use Tapkey-enabled products.  For a better overview, the table of content is divided into 4 categories: Tapkey App, Locks, Smartphone Access and NFC Transponder.

Table of Contents:

Tapkey App

1. About the app
2 Sign-up
3. Unlock doors with NFC and BLE
4. Unlock without Internet connectivity
5. Smartphone keys usable from any smartphone
6. Add co-administrator


7. List of locks
8. Edit lock details
9. View access log
10. Register new lock
11. Check & sync lock-specific information
12. Get detailed tech info
13. Firmware update via smartphone 

Smartphone-Based Access

14. Grant access to new or existing contact
15. Grant access with time restrictions
16. Grant weekly recurring access
17. Revoke access 

NFC Transponders

18. Different types of NFC Transponders
19. Read NFC Transponders
20. Edit NFC Transponders
21. Add access permission
22. Remove access permission
23. Remove all access permissions
24. Deactivate a lost or stolen NFC Transponders

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