No worries. The battery of your smart lock can be replaced from the outside, even with your door locked. An empty battery does not let anyone access your premises.

This guide shows you how to replace your smart lock's battery. Make sure to take proper measures to avoid electrostatic discharge that can destroy your device, e.g. by touching a radiator.

1. Remove Cap 

Release the knob's cap using the tool shipped with your smart lock, as shown in the picture above. Gently pull off the cap from the knob.

2. Remove Old Battery

Disconnect the battery by unplugging the battery connector and removing the old battery. Try getting a grip on the connector itself rather than just the cable, to avoid tearing it off.

3. Insert New Battery

Insert the new battery and connect it with the device. The connector only fits in one orientation for reverse battery protection. Make sure everything works as desired by presenting an authorized transponder or smartphone.

4.  Put the Cap Back On

Position the tool on the back of the knob as shown in the picture. Now, gently put the cap back on. The cap can only be put on in one specific orientation. Take a look at the two notches at the top and the bottom inside of the cap, that mark the middle position. They also have a different width and will only allow the cap to go onto the knob in the proper position. Be careful!

5. Latch the Cap

Latch the cap by using the tool as shown in the picture above. Again, make sure that everything works as desired by presenting an authorised transponder or smartphone. 

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