In case you loose your NFC Transponder or it gets stolen, you can deactivate it at the push of a button.

1. Select lost transponder in NFC Transponders list

2. Tap More button and revoke all grants
in the right corner

3. Tap button NFC Transponder not available
Confirm revocation 

The keys on the missing NFC Transponder are now blacklisted.

Please note that this change only becomes active on each affected lock after the next locking interaction with a smartphone that has Internet connection (on a best effort basis).

If you want to immediately make sure that a blacklisted key on a NFC Transponder can't access any more, just go to the affected lock(s) and use the feature Maintain Lock. You will see an accurate state whether the blacklist state of the lock device is up-to-date or needs to be refreshed. Note: You must be near the lock for that.

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